Friday, June 12, 2009

No Orphans

God, I stand here in awe of you, not fully comprehending the magnitude of what has happened. You brought together in a few short months our Sunday school of mixed ages, colors, and backgrounds for one purpose – to show our church what unity is. You chose me of all people, who has no music experience and never led anything like this before, to start a Spanish/English worship service to unite our church.

You had already brought us through so much controversy even before the night of worship. So many people not understanding what God was doing, wanting us to stop, telling us we couldn’t do it. But with this adversary, instead of dividing us, knit us together as a family.

As the day of the worship service approached, the tension continued to grow. You could feel Satan trying to stop us at every corner. But in all that, you refused to allow him touch or get to the band and singers. You were always there, prodding, pulling, telling us to not fear and just trust.

It soon became clear that it was going to be Your night. We were all very scared about what would happen after the service, but you gave us peace. A few minutes before the show, we met together in prayer and gave it all to you. We knew that no matter what happened you would be glorified, for us doing the service at all proves that we are united in you.

Even before the service began you could see the division as all the whites sat on one side and the Hispanics on the other. But as the band began to play and sing, walls tumbled down and disappeared before our eyes. Within a couple of songs, even I, the director, was swept away and it was just you and me, God. The most powerful and moving part of the service was by far the dance to No Orphans: An amazing visual representation of the division that was and proof of the unity we now have.

Now that it is all over, I am still overcome with awe and wonder at what you have done. You picked our Sunday school of misfits, rejects, and outcasts to unite this church. You chose us to destroy walls of division that not even our elders and pastors have been able to conquer. You have hidden these things from the wise and have revealed them to children. It still makes me chuckle as I marvel at the indescribable wonders you performed on Pentecostal Sunday 2009.

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