Friday, April 3, 2009

Roar of Reality vs. Cry for Truth

As I look back on the last six months and the journey God has brought me through, I can't help but want to go back and experience God and His wonderful love all over again. Because of this, I am often return to my journal from these amazing times in my life. This past weekend, as I was reading entries from late November and December of 08, I was curiously drawn to what was written on Christmas day.

"After spending most of the day laughing, singing, and opening presents, my family thought it would be cool to watch one of the new movies we had received and we immediately agreed on Prince Caspian. I had forgotten how wonderful the story is and how much I always enjoy revisiting the magical land of Narnia. As I am sitting here, the legend of Aslan is no longer just a fairy tale on a screen. Suddenly, I am shoved into this strange charade as a character in the saga myself. For the imaginary world of Narnia is not constricted merely to fantasy but it has become reality."

had greatness "thrust into his lap" in a rather uncomfortable fashion . When the situation became bleak, and those around him were clawing for anything they could grasp onto, what did he trust in? Did he have faith in the one thing he had never seen and merely heard about? Did he really believe? Really trust?

thought it was his responsibility  to change the circumstances, to change people, to change the world. He believed he was supposed to do this by himself and he concluded that he had to do it on His own. Instead of waiting for Aslan and His timing, Peter went ahead with his own plan as many consequences awaited his decision. While Peter was praying and begging for something, no, anything from Aslan (even a mere sign), Aslan was waiting for Peter to admit he couldn't do it and to put his trust in Him.

Is seeing believing or is believing seeing? Is it a matter of wanting to see or trusting that He is there? 
Susan's struggle is the battle of inner self: letting her heart believe the impossible, surrendering her soul to trust the unbelievable, allowing herself to act beyond the circumstances of reasons. Susan's mistake was yielding to the hard questions and permitting them to fester into doubts, which ultimately undermined who she knew Alsan was and what she believed He could do. She chose to believe the lie instead of trusting His love.

had learned from his first mistake in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe to trust Aslan. However,did he just sit back, let things run their course, and go along for the ride? What would you have done if the captain was running the ship aground? What if that person was someone you respected, loved. or even viewed as superior to yourself? Did he wait too long to put his foot down? Was there a better way?

had the faith but she let others dictate her actions on their lack of belief, not on her trust. Lucy saw things as reality; not what was supposed to be, or what others saw, or even what they thought should become real. Lucy saw reality as Aslan. So Lucy, what's stopping you? You can't change Peter or Susan, only he can do that. Don't let them stop you! You have Aslan!

"The more you grow -- the more I grow."
"You have learned all that you can from this place."
"Things never happen the same way twice."

So I have one question for you:
     What was the point of Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy experiencing Narnia if nothing changes in the "real world"?

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